Gaza City , Gaza Strip , Palestine
(08 AM - 05 PM)

Training Center

Training Center

Training and prerequisite various societal sectors needs,  labor markets by indicating targeted training programs (skills and experiences) that contributing to building and prospering local and international economies, including :

Marketing and Sales.
Management consulting.
Project Management.
Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
leadership ,Management ,and Self-development.
Digitalization and Creativity.
Corporate governance
Procurement, warehouse, and logistics.
Human resources and training.
Risk management.
Public relations and Customer service.
Management Accounting.
forensic accounting.
Fiscal management.
Compliance, insurance, and banking services.
Management of production lines.
Total Quality.
Maintenance, operation, and Technical engineering.
Scrutiny, oversight, and Review.
Biddings and contract management
Occupational and Environmental Health and safety



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