About Us

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[ct_heading text=”Yabous For Management & Consultancy ‘YMC'” font_size_xs=”30″ line_height_xs=”38″ font_weight=”” show_gap=”hide” subtitle=”About us” sub_title_style=”style3″ font_weight_sub=””][ct_text_block font_size=”18″ line_height=”34″ css=”.vc_custom_1617082556214{padding-top: 7px !important;}”]Is a Palestinian consultants expert founded in 2010 specializes in consulting and integrated development solutions administrative, financial, technical development, and entrepreneurship in an advanced manner reflects contemporary values and consistent in quality standards, creativity, and sustainability.

YMC is a leading institution working in human resources development, consultancy , technical and administrative services. Transfers knowledge with highest standards of quality and distinction to the public and private sector even individuals.  [/ct_text_block]

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[ct_text_block]YMC committed to providing distinguished, high-quality consultation, evaluation, and training services that meet the needs of its customers in different sectors, whether groups or individuals, with high professionalism and extensive experience in economic, administrative, and entrepreneurship fields, based on a specialized staff with global experience working in many countries.[/ct_text_block]
[ct_heading text=”YMC Use the highest professional standards and latest scientific and technological methods in providing our consulting and management services through a group of specialized trainers and consultants.” tag=”h5″ font_size_xs=”30″ line_height_xs=”38″ font_weight=”” show_gap=”hide” subtitle=”Our Aims” subtitle_letter_spacing=”0.140em” sub_title_style=”style3″ font_weight_sub=”” el_class=”custom-text1″]
[ct_heading text=”Developing economic, financial, administrative, and technical consultations.
Developing and providing the public and private sectors with best counseling and training services aligned with the sustainable development programs and plans, on a scientific and practical basis.
Meeting the needs of consultative and evaluation studies in various fields, with professionality, technical advanced, systematic, and with specialized cadres globally experienced.
Providing the best-specialized consultancy services to ensure the best results achieving the desired goals of public and private sector, with distinguished cadre of consultants, engineers, academic experts, and professionals.” tag=”h5″ font_size_xs=”30″ line_height_xs=”38″ font_weight=”” show_gap=”hide” subtitle=”Our Mission” subtitle_letter_spacing=”0.140em” sub_title_style=”style3″ font_weight_sub=”” el_class=”custom-text1″]
[ct_heading text=”To partner with our clients through an in-depth, severe analysis of their contests, specific necessities, and develop the most appropriate solutions.
Enabling our customers to achieve a real and effective change in the business environment to reach valuable and sustainable results by applying international practices.” tag=”h5″ font_size_xs=”30″ line_height_xs=”38″ font_weight=”” show_gap=”hide” subtitle=”Our Vision” subtitle_letter_spacing=”0.140em” sub_title_style=”style3″ font_weight_sub=”” el_class=”custom-text1″]